The Vault Is Here !!!|Jaclyn Hill X Morphe|First Impressions.


I haven’t been one to fall for the hype that comes with the anticipation and release of Social Media Influencer collaborations but as the “Human Bean” I am, I fell for the hype this year, its safe to say the Jaclyn Hill and Jackie Aina will be taking my student loan coins.

Starting with Jaclyn Hill X Morphe.

I am soooooooooooooo excited for today’s post. This probably has been the most awaited makeup launch of the year, as it raised quite a bit of controversy due to the first launch, which was meant to be released in July but was postponed when Morphe found inconsistencies in the pressing and manufacturing of the eyeshadows. Some palettes were coming off great and others were patchy, unblendable, etc.

What comes in the vault :


Which can be purchased as a collection for £49 or each individual palette for £15.

So, without further ado here is the Vault (Close up pictures and swatches)


Armed and Gorgeous

Row 1: VIP (icy white shimmer), Access (matte turmeric gold), Gilt Trip (gold leaf shimmer), Coin (glitzy gold sheen), Agent (matte saffron)
Row 2: Top Secret (matte absinthe green), Smooth Criminal (matte cognac), Secure (matte tangerine), Prowl (matte dark truffle), Classified (shimmering burnt gold)


Ring The Alarm

Row 1: Lolli (shimmering peach rosé), Rush (matte amber), On Camera (shimmering tropical gold), Boom (shimmering blushed bronze), Alert (matte deep ochre)
Row 2: Bomb Ass (gleaming hibiscus pink), Siren (shimmering plum), Mugshot (matte toasted almond), Framed (matte deep plum), Secret (matte roasted chestnut)


Bling Boss

Row 1: Bling Bling (silvery pink glitz), Hush Hush (matte lilac mauve), Gem (vibrant violet sheen), Pizzazz (glistening magenta), Mystic (matte blackberry)
Row 2: Sparks (matte ruby red), Glitz & Glam (shimmering rose gold), Rockstar (matte mulberry), Ballsy (glistening mauve pink), Berry Treasure (glittering charcoal black)


Dark Magic

Row 1: Poof (matte cream), Power Cut (metallic silver), Shhh (matte dusty taupe), Trickery (sparkling emerald), Diversion (shimmering gunmetal)
Row 2: Potion (matte avocado green), Busted (matte ocean blue), Inside Job (matte dark jade), Mojo (matte smoked hickory), Temptress (glinting pitch black)




  • The concept of the Vault is very creative and cute.
  • The color selection is super diverse and very wearable but allows you to be creative as well.
  • Packaging is EVERYTHING! Love the mirror, the names under the shadows and the revamped packing from the original. The outside is a glossy finish instead of matte like the original, which means the palette’s won’t stain on the outside or look dirty.

I am yet to really put these shadows to the test because I am saving that for a video  which will be up on my YouTube channel soon, please look out for that.

Love, C’awanzi

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