Zambian Naturals

Hello loves ,
yes ,yes ,yes I know I have been gone for a while , wait !! before you start rolling your eyes or giving me the side eye girl hear me out  lol its all with good reason I promise, be rest assured it’s summertime and im back with exciting content for you all.

Okay! back to the usual order of business,today is an appreciation post . Today I appreciate and say thank you ZambianNaturals on instagram.

Zambian naturals is a page that celebrates the essence of being who we are ,unapologetically .From the teeniest T.W.A’s. to the most vivacious afros, they cater to everyone <3, providing you with natural hair  inspo and healthy tips of how to care for your beautiful mane.
I love this page for its quintessential cause ,so like very internet loving millennial,I liked their page to show support and ended up being their 500th follower – Yeyyy !!! and I  was fortunate enough to receive a prize.
SO!! girl what did you win, I won a leave in conditioner from the #ORS Monoi oil line ,which i’m hella excited to try – might I add my partner is excited too lol


To close ,I want to say another huge thank you to Zambian Naturals ,I wish you nothing but blessings and success. This is not about receiving a prize,this is about the sheer of act of kindness and courteousness from you to the people who support page,that will undoubtedly take you far in your journey.

love Zee.

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